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Name: Laura
Instagram: thedailylau
Categories: Environment, Health, Lifestyle

About Laura

Laura is a content creator and a certified translator student from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was raised by powerful women who taught her that we can be unstoppable if we want to. Therefore, she values independence, self-development, and self-confidence. Her family and friends are a very important aspect of her life since she relies on them, and finds their loved ones a source of endless inspiration.
During her teenage years, she suffered from eating disorders and after a long process of therapy, she became stronger and learnt a lot about herself and found something that was hidden: self-love. This changed her way of seeing life, what is important and what actually matters. Therefore, her habits and priorities have changed: she keeps a healthy diet, an active routine, and healthy relationships. In her free time, she practices meditation, enjoys reading about everything but she particularly prefers what is related to the environment, mindfulness, and activism. She also enjoys working out and swimming, as she believes in a balanced lifestyle. Moreover, she considers herself as curious, determined, stubborn (in a good way) that is why she fights proactively for what she thinks it is right.
When she was young, she had always wondered about waste management, water conservation, renewable energy and the massive consumption and production of goods. But she would keep this for herself since many people would say that nothing wrong would happen to the planet or that everybody does the same (wasting water, littering, etc). Until she discovered that her frustration towards those attitudes could be transformed into a way of communicating new alternatives and ideas to avoid these practices that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, she started her active sustainable journey a year ago and, since then, she has discovered her passion for communication, sharing ideas, and learning from others without imposing her ideas over others. Her main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced environment to build a better and brighter future.
Also, she highlights the importance of attaining gender and racial equality since everybody should have the same opportunities in life because the way people look doesn’t define them, in fact, each of us is special. As mentioned before, she advocates for the power of women in society since has seen how powerful they are. Her family and friends are the closest examples she has which makes her even more proud.


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