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Name: Lisa
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Vegan

About Lisa

TWENTYFAIRSEVEN is here to unleash a storm of fierce fairness and unapologetic sustainability upon the industry. TWENTYFAIRSEVEN is not just another online fashion mag; it’s a movement, a force that refuses to conform to the status quo.

Get ready to break down barriers and shake up the scene. They expose the harsh realities, the human toll, and the environmental devastation hidden behind the glimmering facade of fast fashion. Through their words, they shatter illusions and reveal the hidden truths of fast fashion’s true cost.

TWENTYFAIRSEVEN are arming you with knowledge, empowering you to make conscious choices. They’re unlocking the gates to a world of fair brands that have got their game on.

They’re building a fierce and sustainable community like no other. They want to forge a path towards a brighter future, where the choices we make reflect our values.

Join them as they pave the way for a fashion revolution that roars with passion and purpose.


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