Lizzy of Family Fizz

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Name: Lizzy
Youtube: Family Fizz
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Free From, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting, Vegan

About Lizzy

Family Fizz are a family of six, based in Costa Rica. They have been vegan for 10 years and love to promote healthy living. Their key focus is to spread positivity with their followers and further build their strong community of the “Fizz Fam”. Their content mainly focusses on family life and creating fun and uplifting content, full of sibling and parent challenges, vlogs, Q&As and more. They have worked with many well known brands over the years but in 2022 are looking to focus on products and brands that align more with their values and will therefore be more naturally received by their audience. The types of products they would love to promote would be vegan food, vegan and cruelty free beauty and household products, eco and sustainable items, natural health related products and pretty much anything that promotes a healthy, natural and eco conscious way of living. They are currently based in Costa Rica, however they still have a significant UK audience on all platforms, so they often work with UK brands and this fits in well with their audience.