Lorence Delvoye

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Name: Lorence
Instagram: lorencedelvoye
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Other

About Lorence

Lorence absolutely loves colourful fashion! She shares tips and tricks to get the most out of your wardrobe by taking care of your stuff the right way, styling up old pieces that you’ve forgotten all about or maybe some vintage finds you thrifted. Sometimes, she might introduce you to slow & sustainable brands, but always encouraging you to shop consciously.

Not only does Lorence love fashion, she loves marketing as well. Lorence is also a Sustainable Marketeer for creative and sustainable entrepreneurs and shares about her journey as a slowpreneur. Why a slowpreneur? Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Lorence got diagnosed with endometriosis, and raises awareness by being open hearted about her fairly unknown chronic illness and how it affects her as an entrepreneur.

So, Lorence hopes she can inspire you for whatever reason you want to follow her. And if that doesn’t help, the occasional cat spam certainly will!


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