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Name: Macaila
Blog: Macaila Britton
Categories: Environment, Fitness, Lifestyle

About Macaila

On Macaila’s corner of the web, you will find sustainable and purposeful living content. Lifestyle stories and resources are provided to help navigate environmental and social justice jargon in order to help the community make more ethical and conscious choices. She also shares her journey to living more consciously. You’ll regularly see threads of entertainment – ways to foster deeper connection, community spotlights, movie/tv show reviews, and book-ish things as she draws inspiration from the world around her, hoping to leave her mark as making it better for future generations.

Macaila’s mission is to invite you on a journey to show up authentically in your life, help you make decisions that are for the good of your well-being and others. She invites you to turn the page and begin wiring a life story you’re proud of.


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