Margarita of Margreen

Margarita of Margreen | Ethical Influencers


Name: Margarita
Instagram: Margreen
Categories: Environment, Lifestyle, Travel

About Margarita

Margarita is an Environmental Content Creator, using her photo, video, storytelling, and presenting skills to speak not just about the problems, but the SOLUTIONS that we have. Margarita uses her platform and the power of social media to communicate the importance of focusing on the brighter side of environmental stories, which motivates people to take action and give them more hope.

Margartita’s content serves as a bridge between the brand and the audience and over the years they have mastered the art of presenting sustainability and conservation topics in the way the audience understands, engages, and increases loyalty to the brand or company.

She uses her skills to creatively showcase and explain difficult-to-understand scientific concepts, such as carbon-neutrality, circularity, offsetting, eco-anxiety, alternative materials, etc and present them in an entertaining and engaging way.


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