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Name: Maria
Categories: Environment, Food, Free From, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Travel, Vegan

About Maria

Maria is a visual and creative storyteller sharing her nature-inspired stories and photographs online. A journey of self discovery has led her to the plant path, and she is currently a student at an Estonian Herbal School. A deep connection with the natural world has offered her strength, peace, inspiration, and countless magical moments. Through her work, she encourages everyone else to experience it too.

As a content creator, her work is honest and authentic. She works intuitively, feeling into the essence of the subject matter, allowing that to guide her. The images and written work that she creates reflect the natural world and aim to inspire connection and conscious living. She would love to work with people and brands that share the same ethos around natural and seasonal living.

Maria is currently calling two places her home: Estonia and the UK.


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