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Montse of Kindandaware | Ethical Influencers


Name: Montse
Instagram: kindandaware
Categories: Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Vegan

About Montse

Montse is originally from Spain, but is currently living in Finland. Montse became a vegan 10 years ago after realizing they don’t want to hurt any living being, polluting our planet because of their food choices, and wanting to take better care of their health.

Montse loves sharing her journey to a more sustainable and vegan lifestyle. Their passion is to share about vegan food, sustainable fashion, and luxury travel as a vegan.

Why the name kindandaware? Kind because Montse believes we need kindness for all beings: animals, people, and the planet. Aware because it’s time to be more aware of the suffering behind the animal products we consume and harmful consequences of fast fashion.

A sustainable lifestyle can be fun and beautiful.


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