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Name: Nadja
Instagram: Nadja Eco Story
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Other, Parenting, Vegetarian

About Nadja

Ever wondered what happened to your old broken umbrella? Chances are high that it’s now Nadja’s shower turban!

Nadja’s passion is creative waste upcycling. Closing the loop on unwanted waste and trash and giving it new practical uses. Climate optimist by default, leading a sustainable lifestyle with her young family in South London, sharing everyday low-tox living ideas, simple DIY and eco illustrations.

Nadja doesn’t really have a grand plan per se, just a tremendous amount of passion trying to encourage creative thinking around waste and a message that people and businesses need to take responsibility for the waste and carbon footprint they accumulate, through pre-cycling and upcycling.


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