Naomi of theundonemum

Naomi of theundonemum | Ethical Influencers


Name: Naomi
Instagram: theundonemum
Categories: Fashion, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting

About Naomi

Naomi is an Oxfordshire based mum of two trying to promote all things secondhand.
Naomi tries to encourage others to change their shopping habits by making do with what they have as well as shunning fast fashion in favour of Charity Shops, therefore doing good for people and planet.
Naomi also runs a non-profit shopping service on her instagram page called Thrift and Seek where she tries to source amazing secondhand pieces (all from charity shops) and list them on her page, making them available for purchase from the comfort of your own home, in an attempt to make Charity Shopping more accessible to all and to help showcase how wonderful secondhand shopping can be.


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