Nicola Eldridge

Nicola of The Reusable Mum | Ethical Influencers


Name: Nicola
Instagram: nicola_eldridge_
Categories: Environment, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting

About Nicola

Nicola started her Instagram after having an epiphany. She thought she was pretty eco friendly – they had bees in the garden for goodness sake – but it turned out they just had no idea how bad the problem with plastic had become, and realised neither did their friends.

Everyone seemed to think kids = plastic and waste.

So Nicola started to try and change that and one day it just clicked that choosing reusables was the answer. Buying less and picking things that would last and could be reused over and over in different ways.

Nicola shares moments from her daily life in the countryside and from around her home showing eco friendly, reusable lifestyle tips and hacks that work for families.


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