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Name: Paul
Blog: Minimalist Journeys
Categories: Environment, Fitness, Lifestyle, Other, Technology, Travel

About Paul

Launched in 2016, Minimalist Journeys is more than just another lifestyle and travel blog. Passionate about life and our beautiful planet, they aim to inspire and guide their audience towards a more intentional and sustainable way to live and travel.

As micro influencers focused on supporting the UN SDGs, they have a strong moral compass that guides their work. For them, sustainability is not an add-on or nice to have. It is weaved into all aspects of their (location-independent) life, and this in turn is reflected in the content they create.

Their (worldwide) audience tends to be more mature (not in age but in mind) – people who are more attuned to their values and strive to live by them. On their website, through their social channels and as podcast guests, they share their learnings, and provide practical advice and simple, tested tools to people who want to

  • create a simpler, more sustainable and balanced life, and
  • travel affordably in a more authentic and respectful way.


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