Paula Cordeiro

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Name: Paula
Instagram: ipaulacordeiro_
Categories: Fashion, Technology

About Paula

With over 20 years in the broadcasting industry, Paula has embraced the digital in the early days of the internet. She is a full time faculty lecturer and researcher, and a part time podcaster, with a profile that relates traditional and digital media, both as a media professional, media producer and media researcher. She has been teaching digital communication, multimedia production and radio for the last 20 years.

From 2015 to 2020 Paula developed her own transmedia editorial project, urbanista, which became a recognized blog and podcast, but also a radio show and instagram profile. From her experience with urbanista the book “vida instagramável” came to life. She is currently promoting the book and willing to devote herself to the topic she finds herself most passionate about: slow fashion and creating awareness about the fashion industry. She leads academic research on this topic and from September her Instagram profile will be fully dedicated to this.


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