Eco-Friendly Hosting


Power your blog and email inbox with 100% wind-powered hosting provided by official Ethical Influencers partner, Green Hosting.

Green Hosting provides hosting support for blogging platforms such as WordPress, as well as setting up email accounts that also match your domain name.

With outstanding customer service, easy-to-understand support, and a UK-based team, you can learn how to host your blog in a more environmentally-friendly way with Green Hosting.

If you are ready to set up your hosting, make sure to use the Ethical Influencers exclusive 20% discount on any of their one-year hosting plans with the code: ETHICALINF20

With prices starting as low as £60 per year (£48 with the code ETHICALINF20), hosting is affordable and eco-friendly too!

Please note:

  • The ETHICALINF20 discount applies to annual hosting plans only.
  • You must click through using the button below, and apply the discount code, for the code to work.

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