Pukhraj Ranjan

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Name: Pukhraj
Instagram: pukhrajranjan
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Other

About Pukhraj

Pukhraj Ranjan is an Indian educator-turned-entrepreneur with over a decade worth of experience in the development sector. She established Moi Namaste, a for-purpose, ethical design company to create fair & dignified livelihood opportunities for Indian artisans, especially women. Co-creation, community empowerment and care is at the center of her work.

Based out of Helsinki, she aims to facilitate ethical trade partnerships between India & the world, and work with designers, thought-leaders & other like-minded brands to communicate their values through fashion, craft & sisterhood.

She is a cheerleader for women-owned companies, admires global indigenous communities and is committed to fighting for dignity & living wages for artisans worldwide.


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