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Name: Riddhi
Blog: RiStyles
Categories: Beauty, Fashion

About Riddhi

Riddhi is a fashion retail and wholesale professional, slow fashion blogger, sustainability advocate and model. She continued to focus on her education completing her MBA in Global Business while working full-time and launched her slow fashion style blog, RiStyles, in 2017. Working her way up the corporate ladder, Riddhi has a front row view into the inner workings of the fashion industry. As a result, she has made it her mission to bring awareness to sustainable brands, promote ethical practices, and inspire conscious consumer behavior. She has since collaborated and worked with unique brands, influencers, and media within the space.

“As a first-generation Indian-American, I believe in inclusivity, diversity, and equality in all areas of the fashion cycle; whether that be political, economical, environmental, humanitarian, and/or social. I strive to use my voice to push this agenda that we so desperately need and empower consumers to make a positive impact through sustainable choices.”


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