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Name: Rieethaa
Blog: Zanzaneet Kitchen
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About Rieethaa

Rieethaa is a first-generation British-Indian food blogger, recipe creator, food stylist and amateur food photographer. She shares the heritage food she grew up with, in India, illustrating how sustainability is rooted in her culture. On her blog and Instagram, she showcases the sustainable cooking practices that enrich the slow living lifestyle that she has inherited from her farming ancestors.

Rieethaa lives in rural Oxfordshire with her daughter and English husband, and often talks about intersectionality; her struggles trying to ‘fit in’ as an immigrant of colour whilst finding her food and feet in Britain. Her goal is to educate everyone about slow and sustainable living across her social media channels. And so you’ll find her hosting and orchestrating contests that encourage people to share their plastic-free and zero waste ideas.

In her endeavours to empower marginalised communities, Rieethaa has worked with artisans and weavers in rural India to bring slow fashion and sustainable hand-made products to the UK market. Over the years Rieethaa has built a small community of like-minded people who share her sustainability ethos of minimalism, slow living, and conscious consumerism.


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