Sam of Snap Dragonfly

Sam of Snap Dragonfly | Ethical Influencers


Name: Sam
Instagram: snap_dragonfly
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Travel

About Sam

Sam is the founder of @snap_dragonfly, and posts content that focuses on consistent, conscious living from sustainable fashion, food and travel. You’ll find Sam posting about sustainability in the fashion industry, from how an individual can look after their wardrobe (second-hand, upcycling, sustainable brand awareness) to sharing awareness on companies and institutions that need to do better (fast fashion). Sam also shares awareness on how the food industry can affect the planet and all species on the planet, whilst advocating for change in the food industry and sharing ways on how to live sustainably with food every day (composting, eating local, veganism/vegetarianism, minimising food waste). When traveling, Sam shares how she makes sure it’s always in the most sustainable way possible, from little things like taking reusable items, to the mode of travel!


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