Opportunity Closed: Showcase Hemp Beauty Products with Cloverleaf

About The Brand

Name: Cloverleaf Distribution

About us: We are a company that sells hemp products (Nature’s Healer and Hemp Thrill) and catering equipment.

The company has been open for two years, and the CEO of the company is someone who wants to change the way we see the life, we know that the things are changing due to the pandemic situation and he wants us to make the difference, we are a company that every team member is in a different part of the world, so we are really open mind and really intercultural, our way of work is from home and we organise our own job, always trying to help each other.

All of us we see that the world is changing and because of that we want to change it, we try to add small bits in our company, we start selling catering equipment to distributors, but because we want to be sustainable we start selling eco-friendly packaging to all our distributors.

Not a long time ago we found the natural hemp beauty products, and we thought that it was a really good idea to at least try to help in the beauty life.

The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Hemp products

Brief: We would like to be showcase our hemp beauty products and will collaborate with everyone that needs anything.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Food, Health, Lifestyle

Are based in: UK

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product, Payment, Vouchers

Closing date: 13th August 2020

This Opportunity Is Now Closed


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