Opportunity Closed: Support Brands That DO GOOD With ELEOS


About The Brand


About us: ELEOS, meaning the goddess of charity and compassion is a store that sells Brands that DO GOOD. Whether sustainably produced, supporting Artisinal production or charitable and giving to empower women, civil rights, etc we CELEBRATE brands making our world better. 

At ELEOS, we are imperfectly zero-waste, imperfectly vegan, but believe that small consistent steps into conscious shopping will change the landscape. We are all about transparency on sustainable practices and a Brand’s WHY.

IG: @shopeleos

The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Supporting Brands that DO GOOD with ELEOS

Brief: We are looking to engage audiences from all walks of life who are interested in ethical and sustainable fashion, lifestyle and culture. We carry brands that support animal welfare, civil rights, female empowerment, health, poverty & hunger, the arts and education. We would love experts in IG/ Facebook, TikTok and Youtube to help us share our values and message. Guest bloggers are also welcome!

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: We are looking for mommies and also overall passionate humans.

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting

Are based in: US or if at least 50% of your audience is in the US

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product, Payment

Closing date: 4th January 2020

This Opportunity Is Now Closed


Who We’ve Worked With…