Opportunity Closed: Review Sustainable Beauty and Lifestyle Products

About The Brand

Name: Forever Ware

About us: Forever Ware specialises in sustainable beauty, fashion and homeware products. Our mission is to make the world a greener, happier and healthier place by empowering our customers to make conscious and informed purchases.

– Ethically Sourced
From natural beauty products to handcrafted homeware items, made from recycled materials – all of our products are ethically sourced. We provide clear and transparent product origin information on all of our product listings, as we believe that this should be standard practice across the UK.

– Stylish Products
By following industry insights, reading trend journals and working with online influencers we always ensure that our products are both stylish and sustainable – because one should never compromise the other.

Additional Informaiton // Company Background:

Forever Ware is a new online-only brand set up by a twenty-something Fashion Brand Management graduate while on furlough leave.

“My vision was to use my newly found free-time effectively, to enable myself and others to emerge from lockdown making more conscious and sustainable choices. By making small changes, we can collectively make a huge difference to make the world a better place”.

To grow the Forever Ware brand authentically, it is therefore critical that bloggers and/or influences support this version. Please only apply for this opportunity if you have a genuine interest in sustainable living.

The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Review Sustainable Beauty and Lifestyle Products

Brief: Forever Ware is looking to gift bloggers and/or influencers with various beauty, fashion accessories and homeware items.

In exchange for gifted product/s, we require;
– A minimum of one posts on social media containing at least one original image or video. Forever Ware social channels must be tagged.
– A review of the product/s on the Forever Ware (www.foreverwear.co.uk) website and Facebook page (facebook.com/foreverware.club)
– A minimum of two original photographs or one video to be sent via e-mail. Please note, these may be used on the Forever Ware website and/or social media channels. We will always try to tag bloggers and/or influencers when sharing their user-generated content. 

(Note from Ethical Influencers team: Gifted items received in exchange for coverage means the posts are sponsored, and you must declare this content as an ad. Find out more here)

We have a range of products available – PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH PRODUCT/S YOU’RE INTERESTED in when applying. We may be able to supply multiple products per blogger/influencer but please select the most appropriate for you / your followers – do not request all items. In the case of multiple products being sent, we would require the above for each product we gift. If you require any further clarity around this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Beauty Items
1. x2 Mini Vegan Shampoo Bars – available in lavender lime, rosemary lime, rose lavender grapefruit, lemon, lemon eucalyptus, eucalyptus spearmint, spiced cedar or cedar pine
2. x2 Mini Vegan Conditioner Bars – available in lavender lime, rosemary lime, lemon, eucalyptus spearmint, spiced cedar or cedar pine
Both of these items are palm free, plastic-free, vegan and are not tested on animals

Kitchen / Dining Items
3. Palm Leaf Print Reusable Bamboo Composite Cup
Product image available here; https://foreverware.co.uk/reusable-bamboo-cup-tropical/
4. Reusable Bamboo Composite Plates (set of four) – available in either avocado or leaf design
Product image available here; https://foreverware.co.uk/reusable-bamboo-plate-set/
5. Reusable Bamboo Composite Cups (set of four) – available in either avocado or leaf design
Product image available here; https://foreverware.co.uk/reusable-bamboo-composite-cup-set-avocado/

Homeware Items
6. Natural Jute Small Storage Baskets (set of three) – available in charcoal, light blue, orange or yellow
7. Fair Trade Handwoven Chindi Rug Made From Recycled Materials (approx. size 50cm x 90cm)
8. Fair Trade Mandala Round Rug (approx. size 120cm)
Product image available here; https://foreverware.co.uk/blue-mandala-circular-rug

Fashion Accessories
9. Handmade Wide Cotton Hair Headbands – available in blue, green, red or purple
Product image available here; https://foreverware.co.uk/fair-trade-cotton-hairband/
10. Patchwork Hair Scrunchie Made From Recycled Materials – colours and styles vary as each item is unique
11. Palm Leaf Print Zip Pouch / Make-up / Toiletry Bag (approx. size 15cm x 21cm)
Inside this product, you will also receive a Natural Loofah and Natural Volcanic Footstone – these products are usually sold separately

In addition to gifting items, we also have an AFFILIATE PROGRAMME where you will receive 20% (usually 12%) per item sold. Our affiliate programme as a 28 day cookie period and this commission will be applied to all products on our website – not just the products you share on social media. If you’d like to become a Forever Ware Affiliate you can find out more or sign-up here; https://foreverware.co.uk/affiliate-programme/

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Lifestyle, Vegan

Are based in: U.K.

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product, Contact For More Details

Closing date: 8th July 2020

This Opportunity is Now Closed


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