Opportunity Closed: Become a LYFE Fuel Ambassador

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Name: LYFE Fuel

About us:

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good. It’s a simple recipe that inspires us to create premium science-based nutrition products that empower you to do the same.

As a human performance & nutrition company, being exclusively plant-based was the obvious choice to optimize health while being mindful about the impact our choices have on people and the planet.

We believe that maximizing human potential begins from within and we aspire to change the world through the power of nutrition. This begins by harnessing the gifts of mother nature to develop the best products on the planet while protecting the environment. Founded on three core principles of Quality, Efficacy, and Sustainability, we provide the fuel you need to Live Your Fullest Every Day.

Our mission is to inspire and empower change toward a healthier future by producing the most nutrient-dense products on the planet; created by nature, rooted in science, and designed for modern lifestyles.

The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Become a LYFE Fuel Ambassador

Brief: We are looking to gift products and set up a revenue share with brand ambassadors that can authentically champion our mission, brand values and unique value proposition to an audience of health-conscious and mindful consumers.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief:

LYFE Fuel is for those seeking to optimize life, enhance their health, and amplify performance through real, whole food, plant-based nutrition. If you view wellness as a long-term lifestyle and value the importance of proper nutrition, you’ve come to the right place.

Living a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right products has become needlessly complicated due to marketing hype, a lack of transparency, and a weak regulatory landscape. We seek to address these challenges via our holistic and personalized approach to nutrition that caters to each individual’s unique lifestyle and biological needs.

The meaning of LYFE is to “Live Your Fullest Every Day”. Embodying this mantra is the secret to unlocking our full human potential. As a company, we aim to democratize health, making L.Y.F.E. (Living Your Fullest Every Day) more attainable and accessible for all.

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Fitness, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Vegetarian, Vegan

Are based in: USA

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product

Closing date: 25th January 2021

This Opportunity Is Now Closed