Opportunity Closed: Instagrammers Wanted To Feature Ethical T-Shirts

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About The Brand

Name: SJ Clothing Official

About us: SJ Clothing is more than just a brand. We believe in giving people the most premium quality garments at ‘just’ prices that ensure safe working conditions, fair pay and equality for those making them. That’s why all our garments are GOTS certified (organic), PETA approved (vegan) and use the worlds best eco friendly printing inks which are biodegradable and tested for harmful chemicals (oeko-tex). All garment factories are also audited by the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure trade is fair.

We also believe that fashion can help influence a better generation and instil good values into people so our designs reflect this. One of our best selling t-shirts is a graphic design on mental health which has inspired and uplifted our followers.

Charity – we promise to donate 13 meals for malnourished children in Malawi, West Africa per sale of our garments. This allows them to attend school rather than working in tobacco farms as we want to give those less fortunate an opportunity to escape generation of poverty.


The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Instagrammers Wanted To Feature Ethical t-shirts

Brief: We are quite flexible on how the t-shirt is featured but it goes without saying the posts should emphasise the quality of the t-shirt. The t-shirt should not be worn with any garments made from animals i.e. fur/leather etc.


We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: We are looking for a female influencer who has a strong following relating to fashion/lifestyle but one who cares for the environment and humanity as a whole.

In terms of following, the larger the better as we want to have a positive effect with this campaign. I think someone with 100,000 followers or above would be good although I’m more interested in the passion and ethics of the person than simply followers.

Cover these categories: Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Vegetarian

Are based in: Prefer UK based although again, it depends on the type of person


In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted product

Closing date: 17th February 2020


This Opportunity is Now Closed


Who We’ve Worked With…