Closed: Share Amethyst Glow Gua Shas To Naturally Soothe Skin

About The Brand


About us: Zuela takes a circular approach to mind, body and soul helping you find that inner glow. We ethically source and create 100% natural, non-toxic beauty crystals. Hand polished in their country of origin and derived from ancient Chinese medicine to support in soothing the skin. Using crystal energy combined with skincare to improve overall wellbeing. All our packaging is made from recycled and plant – based materials that are biodegradable/ compostable so they naturally break back down into the earth. Whilst each box goes towards planting a tree. 

We are launching our Amethyst Glow Gua Sha which curbs inflammation, decreases puffy eyes and helps to oxygenate the skin. It also encourages relaxation and a healthy glow. Cancel out those late-night Netflix induced eye bags and help to infuse a little calm as you start your day. Our skincare crystals are hand polished and a beautiful add on to your morning and twilight skincare routine.

The Social Opportunity

Opportunity: Feature Amethyst Glow Gua Shas to naturally soothe your skin

Brief: We are looking to improve our social media engagement and raise brand awareness through reviews and videos or photos . We love seeing our products being demonstrated. We want to come together with you to build an authentic relationship sharing a love for natural skincare and crystals.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: Our founder has found that using these tools and holistic rituals have helped support her chronic illness and mental health. We would love to further shine a light on this if you are someone who has experienced similar or advocate for these issues. This is not a requirement we are open to different types of collaborations but this is something we would love to raise more awareness of.

Cover these categories: Beauty, Health, Lifestyle

Are based in: UK, Europe, USA & Australia

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product, Contact For More Details

Closing date: 7th April 2021

This Opportunity Is Now Closed