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Name: Raya
Blog: Sustainable Fashion By Raya
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion

About Raya

Fashion has always been a big part of Raya. As a child, her dream was to become a fashion designer. She was always dressing up and cutting her perfectly fine clothes to create what she believed to be beautiful outfits.

This dream faded slightly over the years, but Raya’s passion for fashion remained. Her new ambition was sustainability, and she got accepted into the Bachelor’s program Global Sustainability Science at the University of Utrecht. During her studies, Raya gained a deep understanding of the enormous impact of the fashion industry on the environment and people. This information, together with her passion for fashion, ignited a desire to address the impact of the fashion industry and raise awareness among consumers. With her love for writing, it was not hard to find a way in which Raya could do that.

And so, her blog, “sustainablefashionbyraya” was born. Here, Raya writes about sustainable fashion and gives you some tips and tricks on how you can shop more sustainably and ethically, no matter your income. With her audience, Raya explores current trends, fashion shows, designers who already incorporate sustainability in their brands, and much more!


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