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Name: Suzanne
Blog: The Independent Landlord
Categories: Home, Other

About Suzanne

The Independent Landlord is a trustworthy place to find tips and insights on how to be a good landlord, and build a sustainable portfolio.

Suzanne was a lawyer who became a landlord in 2019. When she was learning the ropes, it struck her how little free content there is on the practicalities of being a landlord. How to do the right thing, whilst running a business.

There are unfortunately a lot of bad and indifferent landlords in the UK. Most of the blogs for landlords in the UK provide generic content and are run by estate agents, and insurance companies, and increasingly property “gurus'” looking to sell courses or coaching. There is usually an ulterior motive behind the blog post of selling services, and not in helping people to become better landlords.

Suzanne decided to set up The Independent Landlord to address this gap, and position it as a trustworthy free resource for landlords to find out how to be a good, responsible landlord, from a practical perspective. She’s not selling any services, and there is no content behind a paywall.

The common themes in all of her content are being a good landlord, using ESG principles, being socially responsible, and doing the right thing. Suzanne focusses on writing high quality, well-researched, independent articles that are genuinely useful.


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