Tawny of Kindred Movement

Tawny of Kindred Movement | Ethical Influencers


Name: Tawny
Blog: Kindred Movement
Categories: Fashion, Lifestyle, Other

About Tawny

Tawny is a mid-twenties, free-spirited, kind of hippy, other-culture-loving, Vespa-obsessed girl! Tawny and her husband certainly aren’t perfect, but they strive to advocate for and pursue a slower, more ethical lifestyle. Her blog, Kindred Movement, was founded as a place for others who are passionate about world change to connect with artisan women (and men) around the world, and to help them support their families.

Ever since Tawny was a pre-teen, she’s been passionate for ethical, more sustainable living. She’s always loved thrift shopping, and advocates for eating more local and caring about the environment.

Tawny has been able to provide for her family, do travelling she never thought she would be able to, meet other like-minded women, and have fun taking creative photos that make her feel empowered.⁠


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