Taz Singh

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Name: Taz
Instagram: tazsingh_official
Categories: Fashion, Fitness, Other

About Taz

Taz is an internationally represented actor and has also had some experience as a model. He’s also been involved in the ethical and sustainability field, along with a recent interview/project in HK touching upon mental health.

Taz barely buys clothes, and lives quite a minimalist lifestyle (which ironically has many advantages). Although very new to social media, Taz has been involved in it for some interviews and feels, particularly as his acting career grows internationally, that he will become a voice that one day can bring awareness and support to brands and people who actually have a good heart towards others as well as the planet.

Taz’s main principle is that he is a man of his word, and if something goes wrong he takes responsibility and fixes it. With that, he’s have been very careful with the types of brands and projects that he works on, and he feels that ultimately living a sustainable life truthfully first is what will change others.

Taz can also speak six languages!


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