Tiffany Resurreccion

Tiffany Resurreccion | Ethical Influencers


Name: Tiffany
Instagram: tiffanyresu
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Food, Health, Lifestyle

About Tiffany

Inspired by minimalism, Tiffany creates content that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle reminiscent of embracing simple joys and the mundane things of life. She does this by posting her outfits that love the Earth, art embracing life’s simplicity, and having a podcast where she talks about healing from past experiences. Tiffany also makes it a point to keep each outfit fashionable – showing that environmentalism doesn’t necessarily equal unfashionable.

The world we live in glorifies fast-paced, continuously productive lives that leave no room for rest. Through her content, Tiffany hopes that people find joy and peace in slowing down, taking care of themselves and the environment, and becoming the best version of who they are.


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