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Name: Vicki
Blog: Hey Mama Earth
Categories: Environment, Health, Lifestyle

About Vicki

Vicki is the founder of Hey Mama Earth, a lifestyle website for women who embrace life and care about our Earth. It’s a place to explore topics around environmentalism, adventure, and wellness. To discover together ways we can help look after our Earth, keep her beautiful, while still having a bloody great time and looking cute in our compostable dress.

You’ll find ways to reduce your daily footprint and the sustainable brands Vicki is championing. New ways to adventure and explore the outdoors. But mostly, you’ll find fun. This is a no-judgement zone. An all-in discovery of the world around us, and the small ways we can do our bit to create a lasting, positive impact.

This isn’t a place for perfect zero waste lifestyles, expertly curated itineraries, and 100% impact free fashion. This is a place of learning. Of conversation and discovery and humour.