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How To Be Kind | Ethical Influencers

How kind are you? As a community full of kind-hearted individuals, we wanted to share our members’ brilliant stories with you, and how they’re each being kind in their own way. Especially in the run-up to World Kindness Day – which is tomorrow!

If any of their stories inspire you, please make sure to follow their blogs and social channels, and together we can all make positive changes!

Nia of NiaFaraway | Ethical InfluencersKind Business Beginnings


Nia writes about combining a Western approach to health with the Eastern philosophies on wellness and mindfulness. On her blog, Nia shows her readers how easy it is to make alternative and ethical choices.

Nia is currently working on a self-care/wellness startup called Yugenial that will give 1% of all proceedings to a mental health charity. Her range specifically doesn’t involve the creation of any new plastic, is cruelty-free and only uses factories with ethical conditions.

Emma of Small Footprints, Big Adventures | Ethical InfluencersLitter Be Gone!


Emma’s blog is centred around her and her family’s eco-friendly lifestyle, covering her vegetarian diet, parenting style, sustainable travel and more.

Emma is being kind by collecting rubbish when she’s out walking or just when she comes across it in everyday life. Her ethos is to be kind to the earth by helping when other people can’t.

She says “I believe it’s hard for many people to see how devastating our pollution is, so because I do understand and I have the will and resources to help, I do it.”

Emma also started a group in her hometown who collects rubbish together once a month, dressed up in fancy clothes! Their gLITTERati campaign aims to raise awareness of our trash problems and to have a bit of fun while cleaning up.

Setting A Kind Example


As the mum of two young boys, Jenna tries to set an example of kindness on a daily basis. This can be anything from being kind to the planet, and picking up rubbish on our trips to the park or using her reusable coffee cup.

Jenna retold a particularly moving tale while we were creating this piece: “the other day I was at the local Post Office and heard an old man mention he would need to eat baked beans for the rest of the week due to rising costs of living. I followed him out of the shop and asked if I could drop him off a home cooked meal. After chatting for 20 mins he agreed, so later that day I dropped of a lasagna. I want my boys to grow up in a world where we are not only kind but where we look out for each other.”

Natasha of Everyday: Ethical | Ethical InfluencersBe Informed, Be Proud, Be Kind


Natasha is the voice behind Everyday: Ethical. Her aim is to normalise caring for our planet through exploring current environmental issues and making them more accessible and understandable for everyone.

Natasha gave us an insight into the mentality of being kind: “being the ‘kind’ one of my friends always used to upset me as I felt like it meant I had no personality, I was never the highly sought after ‘funny’ one or the ‘outgoing’ one. But now I look back and I’m proud to have been known as the ‘kind’ one. I’d love it if the first impression people got from me was kindness.”

In an attempt to put her kindness into action, Natasha is living in a less selfish, more giving way. She’s currently working on changing her shopping habits to ones that value people and planet as well as trying to educate herself on global social issues so she can change damaging habits and live in an understanding, kind way.

Kimberley of Shopportunity | Ethical Influencers

A Bid for Kindness


Kimberley is a qualified veterinary nurse and has been working as one for 10 years. She says her job making being kind a daily purpose for her – but on top of that, she is also a Style Ambassador, Model and Eco Stylist behind Shopportunity.

Kimberley specialising in styling recycled, vintage, sustainably-made and ethically-produced fashion.

Kimberley also holds regular charity style auctions – make sure you check out her latest one – where she donates 100% of the proceeds to animal welfare charities for animals in need around the world.


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