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Name: William
Instagram: williamjohntitusbishop
Categories: Lifestyle

About William

William was born in London, attending the Haberdashers Askes’ School for Boys where he learned cello and double bass as a teenager after developing keen interest in music, performing predominantly orchestral works. In London he learned to play guitar. Having a background in literature and poetry, he writes his own songs and music. Bishop’s influences include Laura Marling, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

He moved to Brighton, where his academic text The Love Looks Not With The Eyes But With The Mind was published. He then recorded his first EP, Second Time Around, given critical acclaim by music journalist Bob Leggitt.

After signing to KDigital Media and AWAL (now part of Sony Music Group). Bishop recorded three full length studio albums, each on guitar and piano. His breakthrough single was released in January 2021, receiving critical acclaim from music journalists and airplay from national and international radio stations as well as extensive mainstream media coverage. His writing in journal and article form is published widely, and has contributed performances to the degree courses at University of New York Department of film, media and television, while in Yorkshire recording waves on Wire. In 2021 he performed at the Brighton Fringe and Live at Heart music festivals.


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