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How To Take Part in Zero Waste Week | Ethical Influencers

Happy Zero Waste Week! We’ve reached our halfway point, and it’s so important to keep the momentum going!

Can you believe it’s the 11th year that eco warriors have been celebrating the zero waste movement?

Many of our Ethical Influencers are veterans when it comes to cutting back on plastic and reducing the amount of waste they make, so we thought it would be best to hear how they’re taking part in Zero Waste Week, and hopefully give you some inspiration too!

Let us know if you’re taking part, and be sure to connect with this brilliant lot too…

Agnese of Our Simple Cottage | Ethical InfluencersA Challenge, A Change


My partner Alex and I challenged each other to go one month without single use plastic in January of 2017. After the month was over we didn’t see any reason to stop, and realised quickly that we had signed up to a lifetime of environmental activism. No one understood what we were doing and thought it was a phase that would pass…

Eight months later we chanced upon a zero waste talk and went home wondering how we could of never heard about this after eight months of thinking we were so on top of things!

The next day I went over all the notes I had taken and started looking at all the other areas in our life where we were still creating trash. I realised that plastic was not the only issue, instead it’s our society’s approach to waste and our modern obsession with consumption.

We started to tackle the next lifestyle change; zero waste. This was a big change, and it didn’t occur overnight, but when we went to that talk we said “why aren’t we doing this?”; we began to take our own containers and cutlery everywhere, and then we started working on buying bulk food and produce in our own bags.

Slowly but surely our household became more and more zero waste, and we started focusing on all aspects of environmentalism rather than just the physical waste issue. We started thinking about water usage, fashion, energy consumption, and most recently animal agriculture. It’s been a long journey, but after a year and nine months I couldn’t be more excited to see where it pans out.

Zero waste has entirely changed my perspective on life, and has made me value experiences over things. It has made me enjoy the simplicity of living, reconnecting me with nature, animals, and myself.

Zero waste is a lifestyle, and it’s irrelevant how much trash you make. It boils down to an approach to life in which you live simply, having only what you need (which is personal to you) and focusing on having quality items, repairing over immediately throwing away.

60 or so years ago this was the average way people lived, look to the past and to traditional cultures to see how you can make this living the norm again.

Rachel of Sustainably Simple | Ethical InfluencersLondon’s Zero Waste Shop Guide


Are you looking for somewhere that’s conveniently already zero waste?

Rachel’s guide to Zero Waste Stores highlights three of her favourites, and she’s looking for more recommendations so do give her a shout-out if there’s another one close to you!


Sheri of Confessions of a Refashionista | Ethical InfluencersThrift + Recycle


I’ve always been an avid thrifter and upcycler but it wasn’t until I inherited a vintage 1960’s sewing machine a few years ago that my passion for refashion was ignited. Once I got comfortable with that heavy old machine I started sharing my creations online to help inspire others and prove that even those who haven’t a clue how to thread a sewing machine can begin (re)creating fantastic fashions and decor, all it takes is some creativity and practice.

After five short years I can proudly say that 99.9% of my wardrobe and home furnishings are preloved and handmade. I’ve shared over 1,300 step-by-step tutorials and articles covering everything from groovy clothing and accessories to funky home decor and ethically sustainable fashion on my blog and channel!

Trying to live sustainably can be quite a challenge in a throwaway society so I’ve put together a convenient index of my absolute fave tips, tricks and tutorials that make it easy to change those wasteful habits and get started on an eco-lifestyle!

Anyone can become a kick-ass DIY, eco-fashion, upcycling warrior by simply sorting through their wardrobe, shopping preloved and creating their own fabulous, affordable, totally unique sustainable style.

Sarah of More Than Greens | Ethical InfluencersWhich Reusable Cup is Best?


Are you an avid tea, coffee, or hot chocolate drinker? Sarah has put together a guide to eight of the best reusable cups, helping you to reduce your waste considerably.

And while you’re at it, why not sign the #CleanUpCoffee Petition? Percol Coffee and their partners are campaigning to get legislation drawn up to ban disposable coffee cups that can’t be recycled!

Besma of Curiously Conscious | Ethical InfluencersCan You Really Be Zero Waste?


First off, I’ve got to hold my hands up and admit: I’m not a zero waster. I genuinely don’t think anyone is – even Bea Johnson, one of the leaders of the movement, creates waste.

However, I’ve come to learn that it’s actually about changing your mindset, rather than making no waste whatsoever. After reading the book Zero Waste Home a few years ago, I’ve been more mindful when it comes to buying food, clothes, and anything else that comes in packaging. The more I can recycle, the better!

I also routinely carry a KeepCup, and cutlery with me. My next step will be handkerchiefs, which a friend of mine is kindly gifting to me. I think that’s the real spirit of the week right there.

Lynsey of Monsoon of Random | Ethical InfluencersSave Waste, Save Money


I am trying my best to go as zero waste as possible. I find food packaging the hardest to contend with, especially as I don’t live near enough to zero waste stores to visit all the time, and work full time.

However, I know that avoiding waste not only saves the planet, it saves your pocket too. My favourite, convenient ways to do this include avoiding cotton wool pads and these top picks when zero waste shopping.

Patricia & Miguel of freeoversea | Ethical InfluencersEasy Ways to Avoid Plastic


You’ve probably heard a lot about the problems that plastic consumption is causing on our planet and wildlife.. but what are you doing to avoid this huge negative impact? This is not a single problem, it is universal. It is everywhere and it affects the whole earth – from the smallest living creature to the largest ocean – so we want to raise awareness for this matter.

We’ve put together a list of five easy ways to go plastic free, with everything from avoiding straws to doing a beach clean!


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