Closed: Celebrate Earth Month With SBTRCT Skincare #VanityForHumanity


About The Brand


About: SBTRCT is a range of award-winning solid skincare bars & balms that harness the power of concentration, removing water and prioritising the very best proven ingredients for performance and planet. 100% plastic-free with domestically compostable packaging & palm oil-free, SBTRCT addresses the three biggest environmental challenges facing the beauty industry: plastic pollution, water waste and over-reliance on palm oil.

SBTRCT is certified with:

  • Cruelty Free International
  • The Vegan Society
  • B Corporation

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Vanity for Humanity – Earth Day/Month with SBTRCT skincare


In beauty & skincare, there is a behaviour gap between wanting to be sustainable and being sustainable (The Say / Do gap), the main factor contributing towards this is trust – the products are not going to be as good for looking good!

The average beauty lover is served 11 beauty products a minute on social media in plastic packaging, promising beauty transformation whilst plastic pollution is increasingly impacting humanity (plastic in our babies, our bodies, our oceans)

Close the Say / Do gap.
Playfully show that the beauty consumer can help save the world from their dressing table mirror if they switch to concentrated skincare / plastic free beauty.
If everyone made small changes it would make a big impact.

Vanity for Humanity.

  • A galvanising campaign that positions using your skincare as a daily act of activism / helping save the world.
  • A rallying cry that WE CAN look good, WE CAN preen ourselves, WE CAN look in the mirror 10 times a day……whilst also saving the world!

Playful – but with a serious undertone – we are not aiming for perfectionism, we are striving for people to make little changes that will collectively have a big impact.


GRWM whilst I use my ‘Vanity for Humanity’ and help save the world from plastic pollution
In the mirror content with #vanityforhumanity being written in lipstick on the mirror.

Talk about the problem of plastic pollution in the beauty industry:

  • 120 billion pieces of plastic packaging every year
  • the beauty industry creates 30% of all plastic packaging waste
  • an average of 11 beauty products are served to you per min on a beauty lover’s feed

Talk about the problem with plastic…

…but also talk about wanting to look good / being a bit vain:

Discuss how the two can sit together – how you can make simple swaps and use your vanity for humanity. The act of using your moisturiser can be a moment of everyday activism!

Call to action – SBTRCT skincare to find out more

Content ideally posted from 8-22nd April 2024, please.

GIFTED PRODUCT: Moisturising Facial Balm Starter Kit.


Instagram: @sbtrctskincare / TikTok: @sbtrct_skincare (Please tag our Instagram /TikTok account in your content)

*Please do not refer to the products as “soap”

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Vegan

Are based in: We are currently only available in the UK so UK based influencers please

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product

Closing date: 25th April 2024

This Campaign Is Now Closed


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