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Schyler of S.A.Certainly | Ethical Influencers


Name: Schyler
Blog: S.A. Certainly
Categories: Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel

About Schyler

Schyler wants to share her journey of being true to herself and living her dreams – ups and downs included.

On her blog, S.A. Certainly, you can expect content on Shycler’s life in Tokyo, travel, style, and health/fitness. She also aims to inspire and provide knowledge and tools for fellow dreamers to turn goals into reality. She particularly will provide tools and resources on creating sustainable structures and systems to achieve goals.

As a social entrepreneur, innovation ecosystem builder, and aspiring mission-driven venture capitalist focused on bringing to life socially, culturally, and environmentally competent solutions, Schyler aims for her brand to reflect her career pursuits and provide content on sustainability and values-based action both on a personal and professional level.


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