Closed: Join The Baie Green Beauty Community!

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About The Brand

Name: Baie Botanique

About: An innovative skincare range using the highest quality plant-based and organic ingredients. PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan-owned.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Let’s Glow Up Together – Join the Baie Green Beauty Community!

Brief: Hey Ethical Influencers! Ready for a green skincare journey? If you’re into veganism, cruelty-free living, wellness, and sustainability, you’re our kind of people!

Let’s team up for cool video content (think before & after pics). We’re looking for influencers for gifted collaborations—dive into skincare routines, demos, and reviews your way—voice-over or visuals, it’s up to you.

Questions to guide you:

Why do you love your BB product?
What skin issue did it solve?
How did it boost your confidence?

Your video could be featured on our socials, showcasing your talent. Let’s shout about eco skincare and values together!

Excited to create? Apply if you’re keen on the planet and cruelty-free vibes. Let’s kick off this skincare journey and make a positive impact!

To apply, say hi, share at least 1-2 video content relevant to skincare, and let us know why we would rock this together

Content creation details: Create a minimum 15-second video for our vegan skincare product. Avoid colored nail polish, speak naturally, and keep scenes brief (2-4 seconds). Use the product, grab attention in the first 3 seconds, and end with a strong Call to Action. Also, shoot extra content like B-roll and talking headshots for marketing variations.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Health, Vegan

Are based in: Europe & U.K

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product

Closing date: 23rd February 2024

This Campaign Is Now Closed


Who We’ve Worked With…